About Us

About Pathfinder® Lubricants Inc.

Welcome to Pathfinder® Lubricants Inc. Our Mission is to to research and locate the best lubricants found in the world. To provide these superior products to our valued customers and introduce them to new clients. To prove to our customers that superior lubrication will save them real money and improve their bottom line profits by:

  • Extending Life of Equipment
  • Reducing Costly Downtime
  • Reducing Maintenance Cost
  • Reducing Fuel and Energy Cost
  • Reducing Smog and Emissions

We very much wanted to let everyone know that there are now products available to not only help you save money and stay within your budget, but also let you help with reducing pollution in our environment.

Our head office is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and we are acutely aware of nature and what damage thoughtless actions and hazardous products can do. One of our main objectives when we started our company was to create lubricating products which were much kinder to our environment but also really did the job. This was definitely a tough challenge but we are proud to annouce that we actually met our goals.

We urge you to try our products, we have no doubt that you will be pleased with 'all' the results.