Testimonials from customers.We love hearing from our customers, the following are testimonials received from some of our valued customers. Keep them coming! 

Dream Car Garage - A Moment with Tom - "My recommendation success rate is one hundred percent. Everybody I've recommended the stuff to is still using it today."

Franka Transport - "These products have saved us thousands of dollars, and we would not run any piece of equipment or vehicle without Pathfinder Lubricants." 

VRE Greenhouse Systems "huge dollar savings in downtime, maintenance & fuel costs and reducing emissions" 

Rolling Thunder Logistics "the oils have paid off for themselves plus some" 

Hananya's Beach Services, Israel Resurrection of a Caterpillar V-8 320 H.P. type 3208, diesel engine 
"RYCON-1 saved us a great deal of money both in lubricant savings and in downtime."

Sekae Transport Company Ltd., Japan "We have been so impressed with these results that we are now adding RYCON-1 to all motors, transmissions and differentials in our fleet of 140 trucks." 

From John Brittain, Coe Hill, Ontario 

"I have been using the following Pathfinder products in my 2004 Subaru Impreza for approx. 4 months/15,000 Km:

  • TRIJET High Performance Fuel Additive
  • RYCON 1 High Load Lubricant

Gas milage has improved approx. 7.5%.
At $1.00/litre, this translates to a saving of $3.37 per 45 litre tank of fuel.

Good products! I plan to keep doing this.

John Britain " 

From Tom Apostolik of Verona, New Jersey 

"I have a 2000 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan with 55,000 miles on it.  I use EXXON regular gas and have averaged 20 miles per gallon with a combination of around town and highway driving (50/50). 

I first used 1 ounce of the fuel additive (Trijet) and saw increase in MPG to 21.5 (7.5%) 

In the next full tank, I added 1 ounce of the fuel additive (Trijet) and added 4 ounces of the lube additive (Rycon-1) to the oil ; the combination of these two additives increased my MPG to 22.8 (14%). 

I will keep you posted as to future improvements with continued use of your products. 

Tom Apostolik"

And two weeks later.... 

"Just finished my third tank with your gas additive ( I have not yet changed the oil yet, the Rycon-1 is still in it) , and MPG has increased to 23.3 (16.5%).