Flow Torch™

 Spray on lubricating fluid that penetrates, lubricates and removes rust:

  • Combines penetrating and lubricating capabilities in one product. 
  • Deep penetration to loosen rusted parts and dissolve grease and sludge. 
  • Reduces wear and stops squeaks 
  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent rust from forming. 
  • Adheres to surfaces to provide clean, long lasting lubrication and protection without sticky residue 
  • Safe to use with rubber and plastics. 

Used to lubricate and loosen rusted or corroded metal.

Typical uses include air tools, ignition parts, battery terminals, zippers, cables, chains, knitting machines, springs and slides, drills, hinges, locks and latches, trailer hitches, marine equipment, fishing reels, nuts and bolts, valves, gears, o-rings, winches, hydraulic fittings, padlocks and  pins, and  jacks.

Flow Torch™ DATA SHEET