Multi Spray2

Spray-on lubricant that lubricates, penetrates and removes rust. 

Product Features

  • Will creep or move over metal surfaces. 
  • Combines penetrating and lubricating capabilities in one product. 
  • Deep penetration into rusted threads, loosens rusted parts. 
  • Dissolves rust, grease and sludge. 
  • Exceptional lubricating capabilities reduce wear.
  • Oil film strength will withstand over 200,000 psi. 
  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent rust from forming. 
  • Cleans and protects metal surfaces without sticky residue. 
  • Adheres to surfaces to provide long lasting lubrication and protection. 
  • Safe to use with rubber and plastics. 

Typical uses:

Tools, ignition parts, battery terminals, zippers, cables & chains, knitting machines, springs & slides, drills, hinges, locks and latches, trailer hitches, marine equipment, fishing reels, nuts & bolts, valves, gears, o-rings, winches, hydraulic fittings, padlock & pins, jacks and much more...

Directions For Use

  1. To loosen rusted or corroded parts, spray liberally and allow sufficient time to penetrate.
  2. To lubricate, spray directly on areas of contact.
  3. To clean or protect, apply a light even coating of Multi Spray2.

Important Notes 

Multi Spray2 like any other multi-purpose lubrication and penetrating spray, cannot and should not be used in an attempt to correct mechanical problems. A mechanical problem requires a mechanical solution, please see dispenser label for appropriate safety information. Safety data sheets available upon request.